5 Reasons To Know Why Mobile ID Verification Is the Future

Mobile ID Verification

5 Reasons To Know Why Mobile ID Verification Is the Future

The world is witnessing a change, right before our eyes. Where the involvement of technology in our daily lives has crept in so deeply that leaving it makes us fall short on so many aspects. The exchange of data and information has become so widespread that its security becomes all so more important.

Thus the global need for verification of identities, to ensure people having access to such data are legitimate and authentic. With the passage of time, traditional verification methods are being challenged as more demanding use-cases and scenarios are developed every passing day. Where each new digital business represents a significant challenge. Thus user onboarding has evolved greatly, involving mobile technologies for the next wave in new-age verification mechanisms.

Background Into Mobile ID Verification

The current situation of most companies is not ideally suited for customer verification. This represents a significant blow to the authentication mechanism currently operating in a company. Accounting to the rise in support costs and ambiguous security protocols that do more harm to information access than good.

Where layered Identification though useful became more complex to manage, it became evident that companies needed to sort out their authentication issues and streamline operations. To such an extent that smoothens out IT and customer experience while ensuring the security to the access of personal information on platforms. Thus the need for a more capable and efficient solution like Mobile ID Verification solution came into existence.

Knowing Why Mobile ID Verification is the Way Forward

Verify the Underbanked –
Not a financial customer, no worry as mobile technologies enable the underbanked to still undergo KYC verification and get verified which was not possible earlier. Utilizing existing KYC information with Mobile Network Operators, for sim card validation and other subscription processes.

Increase Onboarding – Utilising MNO KYC information for Identity Verification purposes greatly sped up a thorough KYC which was not possible earlier due to the time constraints that come with the onboarding process. Platforms or institutions through mobile ID verification solutions are able to speed up their onboarding process by establishing quicker outcomes and thus deal with the next verification request.  

Reaching out to the Customer – Introducing Mobile ID verification solutions brought customers closer to diligence obligations. Users are able to verify themselves through hand-held devices by showing their face to a camera and uploading a document through the comfort of a smartphone. This proved to be a highly convenient way of carrying out verification for authentications purposes.

Omni Channel Operability – Mobile ID technologies ensure cross-platform operability. Allowing the growing mobile user base to always have mobile ID verification solutions on the go. Mobile ID solutions take into account different platforms in order to suit different customer needs.

Customer Data Management – Mobile ID Verification is an ideal tool/way to manage customer private data. This ensures trust to always be maintained by users between machine and solution. This trust ensures the successful adoption of mobile technology.

As technology is surpassing by leaps and bounds, with each passing day. More improvements are being made in digital identity, security and privacy mechanisms which includes authentication procedures. These innovations are fueling the next wave of smart services. Where Mobile ID verification happens to one of them, which will definitely carry forward well into the future.


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