According To British Analyst, Imran Khan Might Be The Best Leader Since Quaid

Imran Khan Might Be The Best Leader
British Analyst Says Imran Khan Might be the Best Ruler Since Quaid

Imran khan covered the international media relatively when he becomes the prime minister of Pakistan. The media houses like BBC News, the Times of India and the New York Times many times praised his efforts, and mention his name in the news.

The few of the persons like Adam Garrie, a geopolitical expert and the Director of Eurasia Future Think Tank, they all praised Imran Khan. While talking to Tehran Based press TV, Garrie appreciated Imran Khan foreign policy choices.

According to Garrie, under the leadership of Imran Khan Pakistan stood up to the USA as a sovereign nation. According to Khan commitment resenting Pakistan past dealing with the US, and the Islamabad no longer act as the hired gun for the US according to British.

“Well, when Imran Khan first came into the power and made his government, I went out on the branch but very confidently he said Imran Khan be the best political ruler that Pakistan wants.

According to his, the Imran Khan not only work on politics also work on the policies that all of them are want.” Garrie had more to speak on that issues as he mentioned, and the situations that happen from a few months ago in Imran khan government, have opposite to that he said. He puts many right and many wrong feet regarding foreign policies relations. He embraced with that spirit of win multipolarity.

Approach Towards the US

He appreciated that the PM of Pakistan stood up against the US. At the same time Imran Khan making such efforts that none of its predecessors did. Like Imran Khan stood up with the united state from a position of the sovereign nation, by the trick of CIA he opposed to a country with the neo-colonial mentality, whose civilians can be burned by unnamed strikes, and the US can spit on whether it was withdrawing or so-called aid.

Garrie further opens that khan attitude is only because of the reason that President Trump is mailing Pakistan in the past, he asked the South Asian nation for help in US exit from Afghanistan.

He more to say about khan that “if Imran Khan continues that path according to commitment than I believe that Pakistan best days are coming ahead. Of course, there are many economic problems which need to solve. But regarding foreign policies, Pakistan now becomes the new government that is demonstrating and its clean from the past”.  


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