Government is Considering Making Friday a Weekend Holiday

Friday as weekend
Govt is Considering Making Friday a Weekly Holiday

Instead of Sunday federal government consider Friday as a weekend holiday. The decision is taken by the commitment of Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries like Qatar and UAE to take further strengthen to the business relationships.

According to media reporting, the government asked to different religious sections on this matter that which decision is best. In other Arab countries, Friday considers as officially weekend holiday while in Pakistan Saturday and Sunday recognize as the weekend holiday.

This decision improves the business strategy of Pakistan with other Arab countries. As nowadays business sectors from Pakistan and other Arab countries working together only four days in a week like Monday to Thursday, it is because of clash occurs in vacations.

Don’t take this decision is severe too to feel like a pinch of salt as considering the fake media reports in the last few months. In the official visit of Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Saleem is currently in Pakistan. During his two day visits billions of dollars and many agreements signed between these two countries, and given Saudi government Pakistan may announce Friday as a weekend holiday instead of Sunday.


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