Government Reduce the Taxes on Mobile Phone, Not Increases

Taxes on Mobile Phone

After the releasing of mini-budget, the rumors leak that the PTI government increases the taxes on mobile phone, especially the expensive mobile phones. There is no blame of peoples for saying that, the Assad Umar himself said in the speech of parliament the increased in taxes of mobile phones.

However is the fact is it government do that either it increase the taxes or reduces the taxes. The misconception is due to these two reasons.

Firstly, the taxes on mobile phones outlined in the previous article is under the PML-N government as well. The difference is that they choose not to enforce them. The new government is starting to implement them, and it gets negative publicity which is too odd because they just started to write the letter of the law.

Second, the media seems to out from the PTI government. PTI decisions to cut the media budgets which weren’t famous and traditional media to renovate their business and fire some staffs. As a result, the negative thoughts come far more resistance than usual, which is unfortunate. Because the minimum budget has been received by most of the business, we have talked.

The PTI government has revised all the taxes on mobile phones. Previously seven different charges are applied then they cut down to three. Here is the list of old and new rates.

Value of phone Old Taxes New Taxes
Upto $30 Minimum Rs. 2,500 Rs. 210
$30 to $100 Rs. 2.5k to Rs. 6.3k Rs. 2200
$100 to $200 Rs. 6.3k to Rs. 13k Rs. 3300
$200 to $350 Rs. 13k to Rs. 22.7k Rs. 4400
$350 to $500 Rs. 22.7k to Rs. 30.4 Rs. 12,500
Above $500 Rs. 30k to Rs. 83k Rs. 22,500

One more aspect to notice that flagships phone of the companies is above $1000 or more be the taxes. The companies should make these flagship phones in cheaper rates for the public use.

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