Here’s why Pakistan IT Export Needs Software Consultancy

Pakistan IT Export

Now the Pakistan IT industry is nothing without the software consultancy. IT industry with 32.4 % shares the export in the current financial year. The field of software consultancy attracts some exports earning as compared to the other areas such as computer software consultancy service, hardware, and freelancing.

According to the state bank of Pakistan, the ICT companies grow to $175.127 million with the export of software consultancy services in the period of July to December. While in the last year he shows the result of $140.471, it clearly is shown that there is $34.6 million or 24 % increase per year take place.

In 2018-19 the growth in exports of software consultancy services of 3.8 % with $540 million overall of ICT services. This means not only the IT sector needed the software consultancy . Also the other fields also needed this for their growth.

The software consultancy not only shown the growth of this year. But they showed an upward increase of last years including the contribution of overall export of Pakistan ICT sector. The global growth is due to the acceptance of Pakistani companies, increasing demands and handed quality services in different foreign markets.

The share of ICT companies in exports:

According to the study of SBP export revenue of 30% of total 3228 ICT exporting entries come from computer software and software consultancy, as they generated revenues for call centers.

According to industry experts, the call center services is not beneficial for the country and not sustainable for the foreign perspective.


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