How much Google knows about you?


Google collects a lot of your data to enhance the experience. You have to surprise how Google knows about you when you were searching your name Google show some details link bout you how they get information about you.

Google know more about you as you think it does. If you are using any of the Google account like Gmail, Google search or even android phone, the company collects your data to make its service better for the end user. If you any social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, snap chat Google also shows the result about these. According to me when I search my name on Google what Google think about me lets discuss.

  • My name, gender, date of birth
  • Personal cellphone number
  • Recent Google searches
  • The website that I visit mostly
  • My location where I am working or where I am living
  • The history of my Youtube videos

These all the information come from the Google accounts or social media accounts. But if your social media accounts have private, then it only shows your name of the account, not other deals so don’t be worry about that Google know about you. 


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