A Man From Peshawar Arrested For Blackmailing Woman On Facebook


A man from Peshawar arrested by federal investigation Agency cybercrime who blackmail the woman who has uploaded her picture on facebook. A case registered on the name of Irfan Ali Shah.

According to the report of sub-inspector Naheed bill that the man said that he sends the woman pictures to her relatives on facebook.  It is noticed that “they sent the woman pictures to her family so that the reputation of woman falls down.”

Irfan Ali Shah has punished due to harassment and blackmailing of a woman, said by Assistant director of FIA cybercrime team, Haseeb Javed Ali.

He also said that many of the complaints registered in the month of January from which 160 complaints are under discussion or an investigation.

The complaints are about fake bank accounts, fake currency, and fake facebook accounts which harm the other peoples. On January 23 a Peshawari man sent to the jail for 8 years punishment for creating the fake profile to cheat and blackmailing the woman. Also, Ahsan Sheraz said that the man will pay a fine of Rs.50,000.

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