Online Tax Collection Launched In Baluchistan

online tax collection in balochistan

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani said that the financial resources of province increases from the current resources of Rs15 billion to Rs40bn per annum in next few years through some efforts like good government and through some tax collecting machinery.

On Tuesday in an even he speaks and tells about the tax collection system of the taxation department and excise. The chief minister said that we take this step to increase the performance of tax collecting institutions.

Founder of Awami party in Baluchistan Syed Saeed Ahmed Hashmi, advisor to the CM on excise and taxation Malik Naeem BAzai, a provincial minister and other officials present in this ceremony.

Jam Kamal appreciate and congratulate the Excise and taxation department for launching the online tax collecting machine.

He said that by introducing this new tax collecting system we want to secure this for the future government making the province financially stable.

The chief minister said that as Balochistan facing many crises in finance so it needs to the restructuring of institutions, reforms and much advancement in the existing rules and structure.

He also said that the current pension bill is lower which increases up to Rs 200bn in next five years. “The annual income of Baluchistan is Rs 15bn and now our goal is to increase this to Rs 40bn in next few years”.

Advisor to the CM on excise and taxation Malik Naeem Bazai said that the department collecting six types of taxes for the federal and provisional governments in Balochistan . “Our tax collection target is more than Rs2bn for this year.”


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