Oppo RX17 Neo Latest Review

Oppo RX17 Neo
Oppo RX17 Neo

Oppo has recently launched its new mid-range smartphone which is at the competitive price tag with Pocophone F1. The Oppo RX17 Neo is the lower model of RX17 Pro and you will be getting fewer specs. It comes a bit cheaper than Pocophone F1 and is still a stellar all-rounder.

The device comes with 6.4-inches Super AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 660, 25Mp front camera, and high-capacity 3,600mAh battery. So, does it make it a good buy at this price tag? Let’s check it out in the Oppo RX17 Neo review below:

Design and Display

The Oppo RX17 Neo looks premium even if it is an affordable device. The device is beautiful, sleek and slim too- just like Samsung’s M series kind of feel. The device has got the shiny glossy back which makes it looks even better but it is a plastic-build back. Rather than glass, Oppo went for plastic.

Oppo RX17 Neo review
Oppo RX17 Neo display

To save the cost Oppo decided to do this but Moto G7 Plus at the same price point offers a glass back and gives a nicer feel. There are no aluminum sides and nothing- it is all plastic aside from the glass front panel. Talking about the ports, the Oppo RX17 Neo has opted for a micro USB charging socket which feels outdated at this time.

Although, you get to see some new tech stuff also including an in-display fingerprint sensor. It is not the flashiest among all we have seen in the market but is good to go- tad bit slow. The device overall looks good and feels equally comfortable in hands. You can buy this device online using Paytm Mall Promo Code with great offers.

Coming to the display, the Oppo RX17 Neo packs a 6.41-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1080 x 2340 pixel resolution. It comes with a notch on the top which is quite similar to OnePlus 7’s.

It looks like OnePlus 7 from the front which is something we are very surprised to see- Oppo has kept it clean and minimal. But, if Oppo would have gone for the same color reproduction and saturation, it would have been even better.

Although the colors come out punchy and super bright. Tweaking a bit, you can manually make the display a tad bit warm or cold. One would love to watch movies or TV series on this display in the night time


Under the hood, the Oppo RX17 Neo has an octa-core Snapdragon 660 chipset coupled with 4 gigs of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This device is very powerful if you compare it with devices of Honor and Motorola. Being a mid-range smartphone, it scored 5,491 points in Geekbench 4- all thanks to Snapdragon 660 underneath the hood.

Talking about gaming, this device has Adreno 512 which is strong enough to handle games like PUBG Mobile at medium settings. If you are an intense gamer, Pocophone F1 at this price can maintain the stability at high graphics. All said, this device is a stellar performer when it comes to performance and loading apps is easy plus smooth.

The Oppo RX17 Neo runs Android 8.1 Ore out of the box coupled with Oppo’s Color OS 5.2.


Talking about the camera, the Oppo RX17 Neo has a dual rear camera setup including 16MP primary sensor paired with the 2MP secondary sensor. For selfies, there is a 25MP front camera sensor.

There is no wide-angle camera in the rear setup as the secondary camera is used for Portrait modes. Not only this, the camera app lacks night mode and optical image stabilization too. The images came out crisp and bright in the daylight while in the night shots, the images lost their luster.

The front camera is really great and catches every inch of your facial detail in daylight. It gives its best and if you are looking to buy a device which gives you rich and detailed selfies, this device can be a bold option for you.

Oppo RX17 Neo
Oppo RX17 Neo

Battery Life

The Oppo RX17 comes with a high-capacity 3,600mAh battery which might not sound huge but it can stretch for more than one day with ease. With full one day of usage, it still has around one-third of the charge left which can suffice your half next day.

Undoubtedly, it has a great battery life which is also the biggest USP of this device. On the 90-minute standard video loop test, the device just lost around 10% of its juice on maximum brightness. Although, we are disappointed with the micro USB port which tends to slow charging.

Moreover, if you are looking for Technical lead jobs then it could be best to try it.

Oppo RX17 Neo review
Oppo RX17 Neo

Final verdict

The Oppo RX17 Neo is a perfect all-rounder with both its cons and pros. It is not the best in any particular niche but ticks all the checkboxes. It has got slow charging port i.e micro USB port, all plastic feel, and slow in-display fingerprint sensor which might take ages to unlock your device.

But, this device is a star when it comes to battery life, front camera, front panel and display, its glossy shiny looks, and powerful chipset. So, if you are good to go with all these benefits at a mid-level price than this device might entertain you. If you are happy to invest bit more of your cash, you can go for Pocophone F1 which is still best in the business.


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