Pakistan Ranked 7th In Poor Cyber Security

Pakistan ranked 7th worst in Cyber Security
Pakistan ranked 7th worst in Cyber Security

Pakistan is ranked on 7th number in cyber security. The comparison is in between 60 countries it finds huge variation when analyzing the cybersecurity related legislation and malware rates.  According to Kaspersky Algeria is the worst country in case of cybersecurity nowadays, whereas Japan is most cyber-secure country.

Cyber security in different countries:

This report comes in the middle of various violations on different platforms. Recently on the internet, we found that 87GB worth of email address and passwords.  Many of the countries like China and Germany have the best cyber security infrastructures but these countries are also not safe from significant attacks. In one report China shows the highest rates of talent attacks, whereas Germany shows the highest score in financial malware category.

The study describes that all the countries are based on 7 point formula which tells us about how much is malware is on the user phone to a computer infected with malware well as about the country that infected by malware which has best strategies for handling attacks and cybersecurity.

Pakistan is on the 7th number which shows that we require a long way to go to enforce cyber security laws also in improving the strategies towards attacks and threats. We have many persons in whom working in this domain together to improve ranking.


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