Pakistan will Set Up Another Shipyard in Gwadar

Shipyard in Gwadar
Pakistan to Set Up a Another Shipyard in Gwadar

Pakistan decided to support the country steel industry by set up another shipyard in Gwadar. To improve China–Pakistan economic corridor the decision was taken in the backdrop of the massive movement of ships at Gwadar port.

Prime Minister Imran khan approved that another shipyard in Gwadar port after the Karachi Shipyard & engineering works. The new shipyard will be built with the support of the ministry of defense production In coordination of government of Balochistan informed the Managing Director of KSEW, Rear Admiral Ather Saleem, on Monday.

According to him, the shipyard land had been acquired at Surnallah area in Gwadar.

We have marked the land of Surnallah for the land of the shipyard, which will be developed under the joint venture.

Saleem added that working on this project is started. There are sizeable shipyard 5 in Bangladesh 23 in India compared to only one shipyard in Pakistan. He believed that Karachi Port and bin Qasim Port locally buy the ships to meet their requirements and increase the domestic shipping industry. The potential and earning opportunities had vast in the maritime sectors and understood the need of public-private partnership industry according to Saleem.


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