Pakistani Scientist Developed Cheapest Portable Ventilators for coronavirus

Pakistani Scientist Developed Cheapest Portable Ventilators for coronavirus

Time shows how people can get together or scatter at the time of misery. So, the people of Pakistan gathered for a good cause this time. We all know that Pakistan is short of ventilators right now and we need to get a heavy number of ventilators as soon as possible.

Coronavirus has brought all the public and private sectors together for the best suggestions and plans execution for getting more ventilators.

Many sectors have sent the structures and strategies that will be reviewed by the authorities or committees that are made by the government. The testing will be made and then the work can be proceeded.

Poulta is a name known for the startup of Artificial Intelligence has managed to design a ventilator that has been forwarded to the National Disaster Management Authority and the Pakistan Engineering Council for the review.

Poulta made an amazing effort despite of being a poultry farming industry. They have made a portable ventilator that is centrally monitored. Ali Murtaza Solangi is the CEO of Poulta industry and gave this brief to the media.

Benefits of Portable Ventilators

There will be no need to train people for the working of this ventilator as there is for the normal ventilator. Smart ventilators are easily operational by the remotes or centrally with the help of the internet.

Who Developed Pakistani Ventilators for coronavirus?

Pakistani Student Ali Murtaza offered to develop ventilators and mentioned that this will only cost $2200 while the other costs nearly $10,000 to $12,000.

He is just waiting for the approval of authorities and then he is willing to make 500 to 1000 ventilators for the country in approximately one month. If the NDMA and PEC will approve this project, then it will be a really big hit in Pakistan. We are in dire need of having such resources that will help us to save the lives of our loved ones.


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