People May soon Need Your Permission To Add You In Whatsapp Group

People may soon need your permission to add you in WhatsApp groups

On WhatsApp group is the most critical feature. The group helps us to connect the number of contacts at the same time. But on the other side the continuously being added to the random group is annoyed. So Whatsapp has decided to change its group policies.

Now you can add any of your contact number in any group. But in the future, you didn’t so because of WhatsApp group policy changes. In the future when you want to add any number in the group user will have the choice that they allow you to add in this group or not.  in the start anyone can add you in different groups at any time. The first default option is Everybody which works the same as today. The second option is MyContacts that allow only your contacts to add you in the group. The third option is Nobody which never will enable any user to add you in the group.  The group admin sent you an invite which remains for 72 hours if you don’t react on invite it automatically expire.

Whatapp in IOS

In the beta version of WhatsApp for IOS users, this feature is available. After the checking and feature passes and through necessary validation this introduces into the users. A date or day doesn’t reveal yet, but in future, it may be happening. To access the group setting, you have to do following steps.


A beta version of WhatsApp for IOS user has finally released. The service was available for the android user since January 2018 that they migrate their WhatsApp number into business account. Business WhatsApp automated send you greetings, quick replies and specific message for the selection of people.

2019 WhatsApp also introduce the dark mode, continuous voice message playback, deeper sticker, and fingerprint authentication in this year. Whatsapp is the most popular app in today’s because it is easy to use and straightforward.


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