PTCL Reports Full Year Revenue Growth for The First Time Since 2014

ptcl revenue 2019

The country leading telecom and ICT service provider has announced its financial result on December 31, 2018, for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. For the year of 2018 PTCL group revenue improves YoY by 8% to Rs. 126.2 billion as a result of all companies positive contributions.

In the fourth quarter, PTCL revenue group improves YoY by 13%. Ufone increased by 13% YoY, UBank a micro bank from PTCL has shown significant growth up to 64% over the last year. The profit and net profit of PTCL improved by 198% and 32% respectively.  The net profit of PTCL is 22% higher than the other.

PTCL’s revenue of Rs. 70.1 billion for the year is 0.7% on top of last year. In 2018, PTCL’s revenue has registered YoY growth for the first time since 2014.

In 2018, three-quarters of PTCL’s revenue base has shown growth over the last year. PTCL’s flagship mounted Broadband services denote revenue growth of 6.5% over 2017. For the 51 exchanges totally remodeled to this point underneath the network transformation program YoY revenue growth is even higher at 12.4%.

Investment in the transformation of network exchanges has resulted in enhancing client expertise by reducing network faults by 36%  and repeat faults by 50%, besides providing higher bandwidths on the far side 100Mbps, bundled with baseball play services. To more enrich the merchandise and services portfolio, PTCL has partnered with the worldwide OTT players like Netflix, STARZ Play, icflix, etc. PTCL has additionally been recognized by whole Finance because of the ‘Fastest Growing whole in Pakistan’.

Corporate business continues to perform powerfully and has shown important growth of 13% over last year by sign language new customers in Managed Services and Cloud Infrastructure Services leading to 154% and 188% growth severally in these 2 segments.

Evo customers and Charji/LTE customers conversations yield to the positive results with YoY revenue growth. However, its results are higher than the last year. There is reverse back in domestic and international voice revenues due to an increase in grey traffic termination. The conversation of subscribers of OTT and cellular services resulting in declining voice traffic volumes.

PTCL Revenue in 2017

In 2017 the profit is 9% lower it is only because due to an increase in operating cost on currency and higher subscriber of acquisition cost. Due to reduced funds, the nonoperating system also declined. The net profit is Rs.7.4 billion which is 11 % less than last year.

PTCL Revenue in 2018

In 2018 the financial strength of PTCL was acknowledged through some rating which JCR-VIS has assigned PTCL a long term rating of AAA. It enhances the stakeholders in the long term sustainability of the organization.

This year PTCL   inducted young engineers, the businessman under summit program 2018 in universities and top institutions across Pakistan. It helps in building future leaders. Thanks to its growth, Ubank created more than 605 new positions in 2018. Its employee also increasing from 1321 to 1980, and here is 9% of a woman working in PTCL.


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