Punjab Government Introduces Tech. Certificate for School Children

tech certificates of punjab gov.

Punjab education Minister Muraad Raas said that

not every child has to become a plumber, not every child has to work at a store, why can’t we give them better skills to our children’s.

In a bid to foster computer programming skills in our children’s, Punjab Government contact with Microsoft and Google and invited them to Pakistan for their establishment.

In a television talk show, Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas said that he is in touch with both the companies and hope for that child of grade 9 and 10 will be able to get the certification of Google and Microsoft.

In a London trip when Murad Raas said that he met with Google and Microsoft, and “asked them about coming to Pakistan”.  He added that “They will be here this summer, hopefully,”

The minister noted that every child who left the school should be able to get a job that doesn’t require any skills. Why can’t we give them better skills?

The grade of 9 and 10 now introduces with a new world technology. Let us offer them some software development courses for their success.

When someone asked him that why we don’t start this process in younger, Rass said that “ we are already starting that”.

Explaining this concept, the minister said: “ if a child left the school after grade 9 or 10 they must be able to do an office job with nothing else except a Microsoft certification.

He also added in a speech that no every student continues his education after the 10 grade, that just the way it is. And it cannot be changed,”

So Raas concluded that “Technology is the future”.


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