Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy S10 VS samsung galaxy s6.
samsung galaxy S10 VS samsung galaxy s6.

Samsung mobile is known for producing some world class like Android phone. The company launched its smartphone in 2009. The company not only work in Pakistan but also around the world from feature phones to window handsets, from a smartphone a Tizen to Android phone. Samsung latest mobile phones do not need any of the introduction because it launches with many of the advanced features which attract every user towards it.

Here we compare two mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung Galaxy S6 is behind the Samsung Galaxy S10. As there is the length difference between their launching time, so Samsung mobile introduce their latest flagship mobiles with more advanced features. When we compare Samsung Galaxy S6 to Samsung galaxy S10 than the result is as follows:

Better camera resolution:

Samsung Galaxy S6 has 33% greater resolution than that of Samsung Galaxy S10. The more the pixel(resolution) more chances to the image will be clear and sharp, so Samsung Galaxy S6 gives the best result in picture quality.

Supports HDMI:

HDMI support allows your device to download photos and videos to your LCD, laptop and TV by using only one cable. Samsung Galaxy S6 support that feature.

Dual SIM:

Samsung Galaxy S10 use Dual SIM feature. This feature enhances its marketing rate than Samsung Galaxy S6. It allows you to use two telecom services at the same time in their mobile phones.

Faster CPU:

Samsung Galaxy S10 80% faster CPU than that of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The faster the CPU more is the strength to do work at the same time.

More RAM:

Samsung Galaxy S10(6GB) is available in 100% more RAM than Samsung Galaxy S6 (3GB). More the RAM means more applications can run at the same time on your smartphone.

Bigger screen:

Samsung Galaxy S6 is available in 5.1 inches of the screen while Samsung galaxy S10 (6 inches) has 17% larger screen than S6. The large screen feature is most comfortable for game lovers.

Better screen resolution:

Samsung Galaxy S10 launches with 1440*2960 of resolution. While Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with 1440*2560 of resolution. So it is seen that Samsung S10 has a 15% larger resolution than S6.

Has dual camera:

Samsung Galaxy S10 support dual camera front and back. While Samsung Galaxy S6 does not support dual camera which leaves an adverse impact on users.


Samsung S10 has 17 % bigger battery than that of Samsung Galaxy S6. So it supports fast charging and also the more great battery timing on a single charge.


There is a vast difference between there prices. Samsung Galaxy S6 price in Pakistan is Rs22,999. While Samsung galaxy S10 price in Pakistan is Rs61,990.

After that comparison, it is clear that which phone is better in feature or which is not. When we talk about its price than we confused which Samsung phone is to buy. But I think Samsung galaxy S10 is the phone which we have to buy that contain such advanced features.


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