Samsung Has Started Galaxy S10 Automation

Samsung has started Galaxy S10 mass production
Samsung has started Galaxy S10 mass production

According to rumors, the investors say that Samsung mobile started in last week the automation of Samsung galaxy S10 flagship smartphone. These three models comes with 4G, but later on, it works on the 5G model.

The rumors show that the entire three Samsung galaxy S10 model will launch with the feature of the fingerprint sensor. The 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches phone comes with Qualcomm developed ultrasonic display, while the 5.8-inch display uses Optical reader.

The mid-sized and large galaxy S10 have a curved screen, and it comes with pre-installed screen protectors. It is the primary point that the curved screen requires sensitive and expensive protectors which Samsung use in galaxy S10.

Samsung Gumi planet introduces 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 X, and the foldable Samsung Galaxy will start later on. The rumors show that foldable mobile becomes more successful due to its high price.

The 4G trio of galaxy S10 will lunch on 20 February, and the foldable mobile will join them on that stage when 5G comes. However, it will be available hit in the store shelves while the 4G model expected in March.


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