Samsung Mobile Launched A Foldable Gaming Phone

Samsung is Working on a Foldable Gaming Phone [Leak]
Samsung is Working on a Foldable Gaming Phone [Leak]

Now the world is moving towards the foldable phones. Huawei, Xiaomi, LG and even Samsung mobile working on the foldable mobile phone.

On social media, we have seen the picture of all foldable phones from these companies, but we don’t have any confirmation that these official products have the feature of the foldable display.

Gaming phone is also the category of the phone which doesn’t sound popular yet in users. However Samsung mobile wants to change the way of thinking after launching the gaming phone that combines with foldable mobile. According to the rumors now I believe that what is going to happen.

Foldable Gaming Phone

According to rumors only a few weeks left when Samsung launches the foldable smartphone name as Galaxy F, but the Samsung phone doesn’t stop here for their next best thing that could come up with. And this will be the gaming phone with some buttons.

The Us Patent and trademark office published that this Samsung phone has the feature of the foldable display. The evident back in October 2017 and posted on 29 January 2019.

The evidence shows that this rectangular phone which folds right down the middle. When you stretch your device, you can use physical buttons available to control the games, either the games support or navigate through the UI as well.

The phone has six physical buttons and a directional Pad also on the side of the screen. The physical buttons can also hide that not in use when you fold the phone.

The evidence shows a few sketches of the foldable gaming phone but blogs called, LetsGoDigital,  went forward that not only draw the designs but also made renders on the base of drawings.

This device looks pretty good. We are not sure about that what this device is doing, or even it ends up launching in the future.  The future of foldable phone will reveal during the unpacked event of Mobile World Congress by Samsung mobile.

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