Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Sign Agreements About Investment of $20 billion

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia sign agreements worth $20 billion
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia sign agreements worth $20 billion

On Sunday the crown prince Mohammad Bin Saleem from Saudi Arabia comes on the red carpet in Pakistan for a two-day visit. Chief of army staff general Qamar Javed Bajwa, Prime Minister Imran Khan and cabinet member welcomed the prince and his delegation as the plane comes at Nur Khan airbase, Rawalpindi.

Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Saleem said in his speech that the investment of $20 billion completed in Pakistan.

On a Sunday event in PM house while addressing a ceremony sign MoUs between the two countries. The prince said that this investment would prove beneficial for both Pakistan and the kingdoms. He also said that Pakistani leadership is impressive and the future of this country is very bright.”

MoUs ceromony

Prince Salman said that the kingdom would invest further in this country. He said that Pakistan is an essential country for Saudi Arabia and he was happy to meet with Pakistani and pleased to visit the country. MoUs signed in PM house in between this countriese in different sectors. The ceremony held under the prince crown and Prince Salman.

What Imran Khan said in MoUs ceremony:

When PM Imran Khan is addressing to MoUs ceremony, he said that Pakistan and “Saudi Arabia always enjoy this personal relationship.  Saudi Arabia a still stand with Pakistan in all difficult situations. According to him, the two countries need to increase the corporation of tourism, petrochemicals and in many other fields. The PM Imran Khan said that our relationship in the future is too high.

Imran Khan told MBS that “I am thankful to the prince how he helped us when we were in critical situations.” He also added these words in the speech that our relationship is going to the next level, where investments and agreements are beneficial for two countries.

The investment revolves around tourism, minerals, agriculture, petrochemicals, food processing, and other areas. In this ceremony, Pakistan also invited Riyadh to avail the opportunities that arise due to the China Pakistan economic corridor. He added that it is an exciting and brilliant future where Saudi Arabia was participating in the next ten years, probably with the highest GDP.

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Imran Khan said to Prince that if we don’t have any security concerns than you would see thousands of people on the street that welcome you.

welcome of Prince

In the response, Muhammad bin Salman said that Pakistan was going to be an essential player in the future and the kingdom will never leave you in any of the situations.


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