Government to Establish Science and Technology Park In Islamabad

science and technology park

According to the news that technology and science minister will establish a science and technology park in Islamabad.

The primary purpose of this park is to provide modern scientific facilities to our students for research purpose. This park will be built in Islamabad with the collaboration of COMSATS University of Islamabad.

The government announces Rs. 50 million for this project. He also said that the renowned company has set the feasibility report for this park.

The Purpose of science and Technology Park

When contacted to COMSATS University, Dr. Raheel Qamar said that why we establish this park? The aim of this park is to promote scientific information and education to our youngsters.

He also said that it would promote science and technology related to the students in different aspects. So that we can learn many different things from them, he said that it increases entrepreneurship across the country.

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He said that it will helps the student with up to date facilities of scientific learning and related to technologies under one roof. He said that the project started when his feasibility report is fully prepared.


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