Top 5 Pakistani Online Shopping sites in 2020

Top 5 Pakistani Online Shopping sites in 2020
Top 5 Pakistani Online Shopping sites in 2020

Online shopping has been really in the highlights in Pakistan from past few years. People are happy to see their favorite products just one click away. You don’t need to panic yourself by roaming around in the market and trying to figure out what to purchase. Now that we have online shopping, it has saved our time by being so efficient and full of variety and options.

The online shopping sites that actually started this business in Pakistan are way too much progressed now and they have taken the online shopping industry to another level. There are some names that are the best Pakistani Online Shopping sites in 2020. The names of these sites are as follows,

5: is a user-friendly online shopping site in Pakistan. Its Pakistani Website Developed by a Pakistani Software Engineer “M. Saddam Hussain”.

They provide peerless quality at reasonable rates and never compromise on the satisfaction of their customers. Itwarbazar possesses the widest range of all the products. Even if they are electronics or organics, you will always find it on People trust them for their commitment to quality.

These were the Top 5 Pakistani Online shopping sites that are serving at their best to the people of Pakistan. You can pick any of them to order your favorite stuff and you will never be disappointed by their service and products.


ishopping is considered for providing original products having cash on delivery option. The site got started in 2011 and after that it got hype. They have never compromised on the quality and provide the original products to their customers. New sites have taken his place, but still, people trust this site and purchase stuff from them frequently. They are hoping to do better in the future.


Shophive is considered to be the oldest online shopping site in Pakistan and people have liked it also. It started back in 2006 and still working for the people of Pakistan. Shophive started their site with an awareness program and after that, they are going on and on. Shophive is still trying to be competitive in the market, but they are considered to be at the top for being the oldest yet creative.


Yayvo is actually known for its faster delivery rather than their quality and variety. This site is owned by the TCS who is the leading courier service in Pakistan and they are struggling to make their services even better for the people of Pakistan. People have mostly liked it for their delivery timing and quality.


Starting with, it is considered to be the most popular online shopping site in Pakistan. A lot of people trust Daraz for literally everything. They have the widest range of home appliances, electronics, clothes, mobile phones and what not. You can count on anything and it will be available at That is why Daraz is ranked as the number one online shopping site in Pakistan.


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