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Hyundai Is Launching Digital Showrooms In Pakistan

Hyundai Is Launching Digital Showrooms In Pakistan

According to the latest teaser from the company on a social media account, he decided to launch a digital showroom in Pakistan....
huaweri vs samsung

Which is better, Huawei or Samsung?

These two companies differ from each other, and every year they launch their flagship mobile. Here is the description about which phone...
Everything You Need to Know About Pakistan Banao Certificates

Everything You Need to Know About Pakistan Banao Certificates

According to the government’s definition, it's a sovereign U.S.A. dollar-denominated retail level instrument offered by the government of Pakistan for the Non-resident...
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia sign agreements worth $20 billion

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Sign Agreements About Investment of $20 billion

On Sunday the crown prince Mohammad Bin Saleem from Saudi Arabia comes on the red carpet in Pakistan for a two-day visit. Chief...
Taxes on Mobile Phone

Government Reduce the Taxes on Mobile Phone, Not Increases

After the releasing of mini-budget, the rumors leak that the PTI government increases the taxes on mobile phone, especially the expensive mobile...
Friday as weekend

Government is Considering Making Friday a Weekend Holiday

Instead of Sunday federal government consider Friday as a weekend holiday. The decision is taken by the commitment of Saudi Arabia and other...
pak turkey economic review

Proposals For Pakistan-Turkey Economic Framework Reviewed

KARACHI: Minister of Finance Asad Umar said that there's a scope for the event of automotive vehicle sector in Pakistan with the assistance of Turkey. He declared this whereas chairing a gathering of the Committee on Pak-Turkey Strategic Economic Framework on Tuesday, which...
Imran Khan Might Be The Best Leader

According To British Analyst, Imran Khan Might Be The Best Leader Since Quaid

Imran khan covered the international media relatively when he becomes the prime minister of Pakistan. The media houses like BBC News, the...

A Private Bank MCB Became Pakistan Most Profitable Bank in 2018

In 2018 an MCB recorded a profit of Rs.21.36 billion, among all the private banks it is the highest profit and categorized as second highest...
Saudi Power Company ACWA to Invest $4 Billion in Pakistan

ACWA Power company of Saudi Power Invest $4 Billion in Pakistan

In Sunday report ACWA Power producing company from Saudi Arabia tell us about its desire that he wants to invest $4billion in Pakistan energy sector....

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