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Mobile ID Verification

5 Reasons To Know Why Mobile ID Verification Is the Future

5 Reasons To Know Why Mobile ID Verification Is the FutureThe world is witnessing a change, right before...

Mobile App For Complaints Launched By Wafaqi Mohtasib

Mobile App for complaints registration has developed by Wafaqi Mohtasib. Dr. Arif Alvi is inaugurated this mobile app in the next few...
Pak-China fibre optic link activated for commercial use

Pak-China fiber optic link activated for industrial use

An 820-kilometer long fiber optic cable project from Rawalpindi to Khunjerab has been created active for industrial use by Pak-china fiber optic.

How much Google knows about you?

Google collects a lot of your data to enhance the experience. You have to surprise how Google knows about you when you...
ufone 4g lte in pakistan

Ufone Is Launches 4G/LTE in Pakistan

Ufone launched its 4G/LTE services in Pakistan, according to our resources. From some reports that Ufone 4G services are already available in Islamabad and...
Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal Ranked Among The 7 Best Apps on Google Play Store

According to the associated press of Pakistan, Pakistan government citizen portal app, now entered in the Google play store among 7 best...
Pakistan IT Export

Here’s why Pakistan IT Export Needs Software Consultancy

Now the Pakistan IT industry is nothing without the software consultancy. IT industry with 32.4 % shares the export in the current...
pakistan citizen portal ranked 2nd

Pakistan Citizen Portal App settles up as the 2nd Spot at World Government Summit

The Pakistan Citizen Portal App launched in last year October by Imran Khan. He declares that this app is the second best...
automatic car breaking

40 Countries Agree Cars Must Have An Automatic Braking

40 countries by Japan and the European Union but not the United State or China have agreed to require new cars with...
tech certificates of punjab gov.

Punjab Government Introduces Tech. Certificate for School Children

Punjab education Minister Muraad Raas said thatnot every child has to become a plumber, not every child...

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