Vivo Launches A New Visual Brand Identity

Vivo Launches a New Visual Brand Identity

Vivo mobile disclosed its new Visual Brand identity to signify the company innovation and appeal to the global audience. This new visual identity includes a company logo, exclusive Vivo mobile fonts, and Vivo Brand color.

The Spark Ni, Senior vice president of Vivo said that “Vivo revealed from a follower of a leader in the technology and lifestyle industry.”

“Through the new branding phones, we redefine a brand positioning in technology and innovation and express our brand vision with the youngsters around the world with the unique type of visuals and creative spirit.”

Vivo partnership with celebrated designer Bo Linnemann to style the new logo. The new logo options simplified lines and sharpened angles reflect the innovative spirit of Vivo mobiles.

The company has conjointly revamped its “Vivo Blue” color by employing an additional saturated shade of blue as a result of a study by Vivo mobilesto raised perceive the consumers’ visual habits and their visual receptiveness to digital displays. The new color is more soothing to the eye and therefore the color is that the ideal visual scene for the company’s inventive and communicatory character.

The new fonts for English and Chinese are designed by Bo Linnemann and Chinese trained worker Qiu Yin.

“Vivo isn’t solely a business leader within the smartphone technology however additionally a whole that’s willing and real in its communications with customers. Building on Vivo’s strong international visibility and influence, this new visual whole identity can higher channel the brand’s character and attractiveness,” same Bo Linnemann, contributing Designer to Vivo’s branding project.

The new brand is going to be updated to VI systems and unrolled to communication channels with straightaway.


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