Whatsapp bans 2 Million Accounts To Stop Fake News

Whatsapp Bans 2 Million Accounts

Whatsapp announced on 6 February that how it stops the fake accounts on WhatsApp and Facebook. This conversation discussed in the press conference in New Dehli.

Whatsapp takes some measures to avoid the controversies when the election in India takes place. India has a big user on WhatsApp, and thus it becomes the biggest online messaging platform. The company is now working on machine learning to check this that which account creates the problem and once this account is found it be removed.

Many human resources or employees are working to check this procedure. According to reports that WhatsApp banned 2M accounts per month and 20% of account banned when they created.

The company said that many people attempt these communication services to exploit them or misuse of these apps. Some want to distribute personal information. Most of the people use these apps to share personal ideas and experiences with others. Without the internet and bulk of messages violates our term of services.

Whatsapp has reached up to 1.5 billion users. Its popularity is its biggest achievement. Several fake news led to mobile launching takes place especially in India.

However, this application doesn’t use as a political tool because of some issues. In 2018 general election in Brazil a software is used that takes the number of WhatsApp user from facebook and sent them a message to know about their views. Therefor WhatsApp is playing an active role today and takes action in India in their elections.

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Target of Whatsapp:

In earlier you can forward the message to only five contacts, the target is throughout the same. This was the reduction of the previous targeted message of 20. However, five can include the groups contain 100 contacts.

The thing on which machine learning acts is that it keeps better performance from time to time. The number of banned accounts increases from 20% day by day. You don’t need to be a worry if you follow these steps than your account is always active.

  • The IP address and phone number have must the same country
  • How many messages from your accounts is to send
  • After registration how many high volume messages begins

Besides all these points media run some campaign for the users to spread joy and happiness but not the rumors.


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