Which is better, Huawei or Samsung?

huaweri vs samsung

These two companies differ from each other, and every year they launch their flagship mobile. Here is the description about which phone is better to buy.

Firstly we talk about Samsung mobiles. Samsung mobile was available in high prices with a better reputation and review that the company deserves.  There are in no way terrible phone it always launches a new phone with some advancements. These phones appear more glitch and sleek in design than other premium manufactures. The Samsung phone is easy to carry and easy for the use everyone can easily understand their system.

Huawei mobile is more impressive phone than Samsung mobile due to its design and display. Also, Huawei mobile launch his first phone with a fingerprint sensor. So now this mobile makes worth in the market. Its mobile phones come with a bigger battery and with best camera resolution. According to all its specs, we think Huwaei mobile is higher in its price, but it’s opposite. Because Huawei mobile can easily buy with at a low price. Its price is less than that of the Samsung mobile. So now users prefer to buy a Huawei mobile than Samsung mobiles.


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