Why Not Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mobile

why not to buy samsung galaxy note 9 mobile
why not to buy samsung galaxy note 9 mobile

This article will help you that why you buy and why you don’t buy Galaxy Note 9 in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy S8, galaxy S8+ and galaxy note 8 re cheaper than the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung phone upgraded the version of this phone into Android Oreo. All three are upgraded into to android 9.0 Pie which is a great benefit for us.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a powerhouse. After a very long this Samsung phone comes with the upgraded new advancements which need the attention of the users. Like Samsung Galaxy Note 9 introduces S pen stylus, a large high resolution of the display, high processor and many things. But here is the question that we don’t buy this phone?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not cheap and easy to buy. So the user’s wait for next flagship mobile which comes with some of the advanced features.

Why don’t we buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

The significant points are that we do not buy this phone.

  • Heavy so that it difficult to use and carry.
  • As its benefits are minimum but its price is too higher than why we buy a too much expensive phone.
  • It does not support FM radio.
  • I am waiting for the Galaxy S10 with advanced feature and high processor.
  • Bixby 2.0 is too low.
  • It looks like the Galaxy Note 8 phone.
  • Rear mounted fingerprint sensor: the position for the fingerprint sensor is difficult for the users to use which leave the terrible impact on the users and disappoint us.
  • Fragility: it comes with back glass rear panel with gorilla glass protection. The company uses same glass on front and back which is difficult to protect the mobile.
  • It comes with the hybrid slot. So you can’t use both SIM cards and micro SD card at a time.


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